According an EasyVista survey, which was answered by over 280 IT Enterprise executives and ITSM experts across the globe, the overwhelming sentiments are unhappiness with their current solution, unawareness of how much additional code tweaking and customization actually costs the organization – and, significantly, a willingness to address that dissatisfaction by changing their service desk solution. 
Perhaps a clear indicator that there’s been a shift in thinking, and organizations are looking to replace their legacy systems with codeless, fully integrated and customer-driven ITSM Software.

Nearly 87% of respondents said they felt negatively toward their current service desk solution. Of these, 17.4% said they cannot afford to change solutions now; 18.9% said their hands are tied to their existing solution; and 25.8% complain that there is always an additional cost when asking their vendor to do anything.

The results show that ITSM vendors are deliberately ‘muddying the waters’ when it comes to additional costs.  For 51.5% of respondents, their number one long term cost is incurred by daily code tweaking, above their existing maintenance and integration contracts.  48.4% don’t know how much unexpected cost coding added, but 12.6% estimate that it added at least 50% of the initial ITSM solution purchase cost.

The two major ongoing pains of today’s users of service desk solutions are for 51.8%, reporting, and for 51.3%, customizing the system, largely above consultancy to set-up and integrate the system.

Those ongoing pains mean that a significant 24.7% are now actively looking to replace their service desk solution. For those willing and able to change to a new solution, only 11% think that it is not important to have a codeless, customizable service desk solution. 36% this it is important, 41.5% say very important and 11.5% an absolute necessity.

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