It is hard to find a company these days that does not use social media. Even in a niche field as ITSM, numerous tweets are posted every hour.

But what exactly is the ROI of social media? Is it worth it to invest time, effort and money to have you tweet in the endless stream of other tweets? And does it really matter how much followers you have, since many of them will never click on your links? Read this interesting article on the ROI of social media.

Many organizations tend to follow the social media hype, while some of them should rather focus their attention to their customer relationships, as Bruno Aziza states in his blogpost:

"You might get thousands or millions of followers because of your brand, but if you don’t do anything to solve the basics of your customer systems, your social media strategy will ultimately fail." 

For some recent statistics on how smaller organizations use social media, we recommend this interesting article over at

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Anonymous (30/03/2011)

ROI killed our customer relationships. Process frameworks enabled innovation to be crippled. I but on the upside, your article made it to me via google alerts. Maybe you should just head out to one of the conferences where this issues is being demonstrated and be the judge yourself.
I'm pretty easy to find.