House-on-the-Hill have staked a claim to be the most versatile service management provider on the market after rolling out seven versions of their SupportDesk i3 software in the cloud.

As well as their staple offerings of IT Service Management and Customer Service and Support (CSS), the Manchester-based company can now provide SaaS configurations for Facilities Management helpdesk, Freedom of Information Management, Managed Service Providers, HR software, and Complaints Management software.

House-on-the-Hill’s flexibility also allows the possibility to “mix and match” solutions in order to create a multifunctional system which embraces several business areas with one tool.

Director, Trudy Broadhead, said: “SupportDesk i3 removes the worries of maintaining servers and hardware and allows customers to focus on running an efficient and successful service desk.”

Broadhead added: “The wide range of solutions now available means we can cater for almost any environment, while the added bonus of short-term contracts and monthly fees make it an extremely cost-effective option.”

Visit for more details and to see how SupportDesk i3 can benefit your business today.

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