The IT Service Capability Maturity Model (IT Service CMM) is a maturity model aimed at organizations that provide IT services. Its purpose is twofold: to assess the current maturity of IT service providers and to provide direction for improvement of the organization’s IT service processes.
Owner of the copyright: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and CIBIT. The IT Service CMM is free to download and use.

Distribution: The IT Service CMM is used primarily by Dutch, companies.

Origin/history: IT Service CMM originates from a multi-partner research projects, partly supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, called ‘Kwintes’ (1997-1999). The Kwintes project aimed at developing methods for specifying and controlling IT services. Level Two of the IT Service CMM was developed during the Kwintes project. After the Kwintes project ended, development of the IT Service CMM continued in an open-source fashion. The further development of the model was coordinated by CIBIT and involved participants from several universities and companies. The development activities ended in January 2005 with the release of the IT Service CMM Version 1.0 (see

When: January 2005

Participants in the committee: CIBIT, several Dutch universities and companies

More information: see the chapter IT Service CMM - the IT Service Capability Maturity Model, by Frank Niessink, in the itSMF endorsed publication Frameworks for IT Management, or visit the open source website of the ITS CMM